COVID-19 & Real Estate Sales

We Are The Only Probate & Trust Specific Real Estate Company
With A Proven Record Of Results
During This COVID-19 Virus Shut Down.

Homes in Probate & Trust are still “ going under contract” and being “sold” during this COVID-19 shut down,

But Not By The Old Traditional Methods! ( old method like “open house” will not work in this shut down

And carries possibility of to much risk to the community.

Here Is An Example of two Homes That Were Sold Between:
March 11 – March 26, 2020 

1622 Plum St. San Diego CA 92106

2836 Grand View St. San Diego CA 92110

Check Our Facts, Ask Our Partner Attorneys..

These homes were sold using new technologies, and a new methods of marketing during the start of the COVID 19 Virus,

Both homes sold on average 3 to 5% above asking price with multiple offers in under 7 days

These Homes Were Sold Using New Technologies,

With A Powerful Marketing Formula

See Specifically What We Are Doing Differently,
That Is Getting Us These Results!

We Start With E.D.D.M.

“Every Door Direct Mailers” mailed to the community of the house for sale.

QR Code & Text Message Number

On each mailer there is a QR code and a Text Message number, giving access to a 24 hour virtual tour of the property

Smart Video Technology

We Utilize Smart Video Technology as a lead capture system.

Please try the QR code and the Text Message number below to see these items in action.

Take a picture of the QR Code To Our Virtual Tour.

Text TPG 45 TO: 88000 To Our Virtual Tour

Social Media Campaigns

We advertise your property on all of the Major Social Media sites.

Examples are below



Facebook Ads Manager Ad
Facebook Newsfeed Ad



Re-target Marketing

Someone visits your ad and leaves. We market your property to them in a non-intrusive way across the the internet.

We Are Still Selling Houses Successfully During This Lock down period

As estate planning attorneys you are looking out for your clients best interest. Especially during times of change and uncertainty of the COVID-19 Pandemic.   if you have clients who need properties sold during this next 40 day time period.

We Get Results .. Please Call Me Directly: Tracy Phillips 619-203-4817